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MATISSE progress meeting Dwingeloo

Wednesday 3 July 2013, by fmillour

Live! progress meeting photos & pics.


Felix Bettonvil presentation Progress meeting room Before the meeting: Nice people taking some coffee MATISSE L-band backbone
F. Bettonvil shows the filter wheel to J. L. Lizon and others F. Bettonvil shows the MATISSE beam shaping box to S. Robbe and B. (...) E. Elswjik shows the "wineglass" mirror to B. Lopez The N-band backbone inside a clean room for mounting
A MATISSE sticker! These boxes contain the precious MATISSE optics! One of the MATISSE slits! This is here!
Inside the Beam Reshaping unit F. Bettonvil indicates the flatness of mechanical surfaces S. Robbe in front of the Beam reshaping unit main backbone F. Bettonvil shows the MATISSE slit masks to B. Lopez, S. Robbe, S. (...)
"Wineglass" mirrors A house in the forest A nice countryside hotel P. Antonelli presentation
S. Robbe presentation Newton fringes on a mirror! Inside the cold optics backbone Pupil masks (Photo B. Lopez)
Mirrors milling (Photo B. Lopez) The beams arrangement inside the backbone (Photo B. Lopez) Showing where the optics box fit in the backbone (Photo B. Lopez) Optics box (Photo B. Lopez)
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