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Observing at Mount Wilson

samedi 3 octobre 2015, par fmillour

A long observing trip to Mount Wilson to characterize the Pleiades !


LA by night A. Meilland observing The kind of stuff we do at CHARA (here we are happy :-) The 60 inches telescope, with which Hubble discovered the expansion of the (...)
The S2 telescope of CHARA M.-A. Martinod in front of the 100 inch telescope dome Delicate alignment ! Work in the focal lab. on FRIEND with A. Meilland & MA Martinod
The 150 feet solar tower of MWO The 150 feet solar tower of MWO Sunrise at MWO The E2 CHARA telescope & the 100 inches dome
Sunrise at MWO Small domes at MWO The MWO offices, formerly the 50 feet interferometer Internal fringes on FRIEND !
Telescopes ! The total lunar eclipse as snapped by the towercam at MWO The S2 telescope of CHARA & 60 inch dome A nice finding chart !
Another view of the S2 telescope We received a visit from P. Nunez and his two brothers ;-) A neat sunset full of pollution W2 telescope and curved pipes :-\
W1 telescope & pipe 100 inches and more !
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